When Should You Drink a Protein Shake?


Working out hours in the gym and lifting dumbbells, kettlebells and what not and expecting an intense growth of strong and bigger muscles is natural but if you are not getting enough nutrients or eating the right food, then your workout results would be disappointing. Most people usually take protein shakes to fulfill their body’s nutrients requirement and the most common questions asked by them is this. Should protein shakes be consumed pre-workout or post-workout? What difference does it make? The answers are not debatable anymore. 

What does a protein shake do?

Proteins are essential macronutrients for various reasons ranging from prevention of muscle loss, building muscles, controlling hunger to repairing cells and tissues in your body. Whether you go to the gym or not; a sufficient amount of protein intake is necessary for every person’s diet. If your food is not providing enough protein that’s where the protein shake comes in the picture.

Benefits of protein shake

Many foods are high in protein but protein shakes come in handy. They are highly convenient; easy to make and are consumed quickly. If a person cannot make steaks or eggs due to any reason or if he is out for a long time then protein shake is the best way to give your body the required protein. 


Old gym lore preaches that the protein shake should be consumed before workout due to a concept called ‘anabolic window’. It is a time during workout where your body uses the protein to build muscles. Whereas, some believe that they should take it after workout. But according to different researches, the timing of the protein intake does not make any difference what so ever. Consuming the protein shake either before or after workout does no harm but also, doesn’t do any good. Total intake of protein is what matters whether you take it in one sitting or throughout the day.


Yes, protein shakes are harmless but if you consume one too close to a meal then it will backfire i.e. excessive protein will turn not into muscle but fat, and your hard work at the gym won’t be of any good. Similarly, consuming protein according to your age, health, meals, and workout is crucial.

Various ways to take protein

Drink a shake by mixing protein powder with cold water or milk after 30 minutes of your workout or you can also mix the powder in your eggs or banana and make a high protein breakfast. 

Many companies are selling protein shakes of different kinds and flavors and it is important to know their pros and cons before buying. This high-calorie protein powder, also known as weight gainers, is highly beneficial for people who are trying to build muscles. They include various forms of protein and they also release carbs that increase the calorie consumption and help in building more muscles or to increase the muscle size.