5 At-Home Exercises You Can Use to Build Muscle Without Equipment


Everyone should at least be building a little muscle mass for their bodies. Muscle helps protect the body against physical injuries and looks good aesthetically. Plus, muscle also helps you perform better and more efficient. The biggest reason why people don’t exercise is because they don’t want to go hit the gym. Well, you can work on your body without even having to hit the gym. 

Here are the 5 at-home exercises that will help you build muscle. Oh, and you don’t even need a piece of equipment for these exercises:


If you ask any exercise nerd what exercise would be the best to do, to target all upper body muscle groups, and still can be done anywhere, they would recommend push-ups.

Push-ups are like a universal constant in the world of exercise and keeping yourself fit. There are many different variants of push-ups, and you can alternate between any of them:

Diamond push-ups – to help focus on the triceps.

Normal push-ups – to focus on the chest, and the shoulders. 

Wide grip push-ups – a strengthened version of a normal traditional push-up.

Clap push-ups – To increase explosive strength, and target your shoulder and chest.

Superman push-ups – Like clap push-ups, but includes the lower body too. 


You can do pull-ups anywhere you want. Pull-ups are also a very easy exercise to do, and you can do it as long as you see a surface taller than you that you can grab onto. Heck, you can even do pull-ups from the veranda of your house, though we would not recommend that, because it is very risky. 

If you find pull-ups to be too boring, or bland, you can also do chin-ups. 

Leg lunges

You can do leg lunges or even reverse lunges to help strengthen and target your thighs and hips. Lunges are not very tough, and you can do it with and without a dumb-bell. But if you want to increase the level of difficulty, you can use any heavy item in your house – not only a dumb-bell. 


Squats are like push-ups, but for your lower body. Squats are pretty amazing and target your thighs and hips. There are different variants of squats, just like the push-ups too, but the traditional squats should be good enough for an at-home exercise. 

Air swimming

Air swimming is one of those exercises that target your core. Not many non-equipment exercises help you target your core, but air swimming is around one of the best. 

Air swimming is very easy, and you can even use this exercise to learn more about swimming. Air swimming is also a very good exercise for your overall physique. 


Many other exercises are designed to target more muscle groups of your body, without equipment, but these are the best in our opinion. There is minimal risk in these exercises so even beginners can experiment.