Medical: Common Vitamins and Supplements


Essential nutrients and their balance in the body is very important to live a healthy life. Unfortunately, our lives have become so fast that we hardly take time to care about the diet we are using. It is very important to compensate for these nutrients because without them you cannot possibly stay away from diseases and illnesses. So, the common vitamins and supplements that you should take are sorted out here for you. We will provide you the list which you could follow to include in your diet plan. 

Common Vitamins You Should Take

Here are the top three vitamins that are medically essential for a person to take in. Let’s get started with the detail of each one. 

1. Vitamin B6

You should adopt the healthy habit of using vitamin B6 daily. It is very important for keeping your energy level high while working or studying, so it is very important to be used. You should take it on an empty stomach for best and quick results. 

2. Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is another very important vitamin that a person must use. You can add certain vegetables and nuts in your diet to fulfill its daily requirement in the body. The trick of using it in the best way is to take it at the same time daily. This will improve its effectiveness.

3. Vitamin C

The use of vitamin C is inevitable because your body needs it for its proper functioning. The metabolism and the biochemical functioning are disturbed if your body is deficient in it, so add it to your diet for keeping the body healthy. 

Common Supplements You Should Take

Common supplements that one should take daily include calcium, iron, and zin supplements. Let us know why they are important to be used. 

1. Calcium 

Calcium, as we all know, is very important for keeping bones strong. Your endurance will be least if your body is deficient in this nutrient, so make sure you add this supplement to your diet. It is more important for those who do not like to drink milk or have yogurt. 

2. Zinc

Zin is an essential nutrient that keeps the nails, skin, and hairs very strong. Any deficiency in it may lead to weak nails, thin hairs and dull skin. So, you should take this supplement to keep these three in the right form and condition. 

3. Iron

Well, the importance of iron is known and it should be part of the diet in the form of supplement because it will remove anemia if you are suffering from it, it will strengthen your immune system, remove all weakness and dullness in the body. So, try to have a tablet of it daily to keep its balance in the body.


Vitamins and supplements have become a very important part of lifestyle because our food habits are not very good so we have to balance them by using the shortcuts. You can visit the nutritionist for this purpose.