Three Easy Exercises for Burning Belly Fat


Everyone hates belly fat. It is excessive, it looks weird and people make fun of you for possessing belly fat. Belly fat also poses many health risks and potential issues that are related to the level of mentality of a body. People who have more fat are linked to being more prone to depression.

If you think that there is no salvation after you have gained belly fat, you might want to think again. There are many ways to burn belly fat, and the easiest and most enjoyable of those methods is exercise.

Here are three easy exercises that you can start doing right now that will help you target your tummy and burn all that excess fat as quickly as possible:


The plank is the easiest exercise that you could ever do. Heck, it is so simple that you can even do it in your office space or your home without any issues. Plank is such a simple exercise that even a little kid should be able to do it. 

To do a plank, just lie on the ground, with your body all stretched up and your face facing the ground. Slowly lift yourself through your hand, and afterward, support yourself through the forearms, parallel to your body. Keep your body stretched and try to lift your tummy as high as you can. Only your forearms and your toes should touch the ground.

Do a 60-second plank 3 to 5 times a day for the best results. Remember to breath in and out during planks, as planks get harder the more you go on.


There are like a dozen variants of crunches, but the most efficient and easy-to-do is the traditional crunch. Crunches are an amazing fat-burning exercise that many health specialists regard as the best stomach fat killing exercise.

To do a crunch, lie on the ground, facing upwards, with your knees bent up. The rest of your body should be touching the ground. Make a v-shaped angle with both of your arms towards your head, to support it when you are doing a crunch. Now, to do a crunch, inhale deeply, and push your body up through your tummy. You are not allowed to use your hands or your buttocks. Lift your upper body as if to reach your knees. When you have been fully lifted, exhale and then go down again. 

10-15 crunches per set, for 3 sets a day should be more than enough for a killer exercise. 


Nothing is easier than running in this list, unless you have an issue with your legs. In that case, jogging extensively works too. Running is an innate ability of all species, and everyone should’ve been taught how to properly run in P.E. 

Run for 5 to 7 minutes a day, at least, if you want to keep a healthy body. But if you are looking to burn fat, run any chance you get. It might get tiresome, but you’ll be losing calories faster than you can count. Plus, running targets most of your muscles, so it is also a good way to make muscle. 


These exercises are the easiest exercises that you can even do in your home, and will help you burn belly fat. All you need, except these exercises, is constant motivation, and loads of water.