Ideas to lose weight by chewing gum… It is possible


If you are looking for weight loss ideas without putting too much effort, then join us. Chewing gum is an amazing exercise for weight loss as there are certain important factors involved in it. Chewing gum assists you in weight loss.

Researches told that chewing gum would burn about 11 calories per hour. It is also found by researchers that a simple act of chewing zero-calorie gum during your walking hours will indeed help in losing 11 pounds of fat per year. For this initiative, you don’t have to change your diet or exercise daily.

It is also found that sweet gums annul in weight loss in some ways. As it is found that sweet gums contain 11 calories per stick that are not much helpful in weight loss. They will certainly add some calories to your living system.

The process of chewing gum will enhance serotonin production. It is found that serotonin regulates and maintains your appetite and digestion. It is also helpful in enhancing your memory and learning behavior.

As it is noteworthy that sugar-free gums contain Xylitol. Xylitol is categorized as sugar alcohol. Xylitol is also sweet as sugar, but it has 40% fewer calories as compared to regular sugar. Sugar- free gum chewing will help you minimize the tooth decay, plague, and prevents stain. Xylitol is also helpful in strengthening tooth enamel. It will also help reduce bacteria production in your mouth along with Weight loss. Sugar-free gums provide 5-10 calories while the net is less than one gram. They may help with staving off hunger as well.

If you feel hungry before an hour before meal or snack time, take this low calorie chewing gum as a snack. It will help you to hold until you can eat. Carbohydrate uptake is negligible it will have a little impact on insulin. It is the best alternative as compared to a bag of chips or cookies. A less calorie pack of 100 calories cannot be equal to it.

Following are some ideas to lose weight by chewing gum:

Select a sugar-free gum:
Sugar-free gum is made of sugar alcohol. So the calories present in it are minimal. Sugarless gums comprise less than 5 calories per stick while regular gums encompass 10-25 calories per stick. It will also regulate the flow of saliva from the mouth to the gut. Bacteria present in the digestive gut are flushed by using this gum. The most important it will enhance weight loss.

Limit gum intake to 5 or 6 sticks per day:
It is noteworthy that some people cannot tolerate sugar alcohol up to a level. Taking more than 5 or 6 sticks of sugar-free gum will cause diarrhea or bloating in some people.

The sugar-free gums contain sugar alcohols like xylitol, mannitol, and sorbitol. These sugars are not much well absorbed, that’s why they contain provide us fewer calories as compared to sugar-containing gums. Their poor absorption also tells their laxative effect when their intake is increased.

Put a gum pack in your pocket or purse:
Put your selected sugar-free gum along with you every time. If you have a gum pack along with you, you can enjoy it anytime at any place.

Gum chewing helps reduce chin fat or double chin:
If you have a double chin or loose chin problem, then gum chewing will help you in the exercise of your chin muscles. It is also helpful in defining the jaw area. The muscles that hold your chin are the same used in the chewing process. Chewing gum will cause your chin muscles to work, that will help in losing chin fat. Lose chin muscles are tightened in the same way because your chin muscles are exercised to work.