10 Exercises All Men Should Avoid!


Fitness activities are great when it comes to giving you an attractive shape and general wellness. It is recommended for every man to workout at least twice every week. Though some exercises are brilliant at giving you perfect shape at the same time, some exercises can leave you with nothing but pain.

So, we’ll talk about 10 exercises that all men should avoid to keep away pain and inconvenience.

1. Selectorized Abs Machine

This abs machine is designed to perform front crunches while sitting on a seat. You can adjust weight, which will lock your range of motion when you do front lean. You will only be able to lean till a point locked by the machine, which means resistance in natural movement and your joints will bear extra pressure. If you’re doing this, then you should quickly avoid doing this exercise.

2. Behind The Head Shoulder Press

A behind-the-head shoulder press does undoubtedly put a great deal of weight on your rotator sleeve muscles, which balance out your shoulder joints. There is a potential danger of muscle tears if your shoulder mobility is poor. Your neck is also at risk of hurt. It likewise put stress on your neck.

3. Smith Machine

The Smith Machine does not support the natural movement of your body and puts our body in unnatural positions, which can pressure weak joints and not prepare the body in different planes.

4. Hip Abduction And Adduction Machine

This exercise involves movements that are not a natural movement at all. Lifting an overwhelming burden on this machine can strain the spine. Furthermore, the movements put the IT band under significant pressure and eventually displace the knee cap.

5. Seated Torso Rotation Machine

Seated torso rotation machine has a major drawback that it’s unpleasant on your back. When you perform the rotation of the spine while keeping the hips aligned with the machine, it puts stress on your back.

6. Upright Row

While performing an upright row, the weight might be too much because of the high measures of interior rotation a lifter puts their shoulder in when taking hold of the bar. This may put a few of us in danger for a shoulder impingement. 

7. Lap Pull Down Behind The Head

Individuals with flexible shoulder joints can keep their spines straight enough to do this activity appropriately. A great many people’s shoulders aren’t excessively adaptable. So the move can prompt shoulder impingement or more terrible, a tear in the rotator sleeve. 

8. Leg Press Machine

These machines don’t require the actuation of any of the significant balancing out muscles, which means utilizing them to the detriment of freeloads, can prompt muscle unbalancing and damage the inclined body. 

9. Leg Extension & Leg Curls

While performing the movement, hamstrings support glutes for movement. Leg extension and leg curl machines overlook your glutes, which expands your danger of hamstring pulls and knee wounds. By secluding the hamstrings alone, they come under huge pressure.

10. Back Hyperextension Machine

In this exercise, you lock your legs, pivoting at the midriff, and giving gravity a chance to take over as you bring down your chest area can be a catastrophe waiting to happen. It is a frequently harmful machine because of the absence of control and coordination.


We hope this post will help you figure out the 10 deadly exercises all men should avoid. If you are on your way to gain muscles and improve overall health, then it’s recommended to avoid the mentioned-above exercises for better results.