The ONLY 7 Exercises Men Need To Build Muscle


Men usually have their fitness methodologies. Some like to lift weights while some tend to rely on a proper training program. Everyone has their own set of goals to smash. However, the most significant and common element in most men is the desire to get stronger and biggers. Every man ever (or at least the majority) wishes to have incredible muscles. And we cannot deny that a muscular man looks handsome and attractive. 

A dedicated bodybuilder spends around 2 hours in the gym, for 5 days per week. It is ubiquitous, and it helps them refine and sculpt their bodies, to attain the best muscles. However, every man does not have this bunch of extra time. The majority of men have families, and they need to make sure that their time is managed well between work and their personal life. Adjusting a 2-hour gym routine daily is pretty tough. Thus, here are some of the exercises that are a must for men to attend if they want to have a muscular body. These take time to develop your muscles. However, you won’t have to spend endless hours in the gym for this. 

Here, we have summed up the only seven exercises men need to build their muscles. You need to make sure that you are determined, and you do not skip your workout sessions in between. Stay persistent, and you will see incredible results in some weeks. 


The deadlift is the ultimate king of all muscle gaining exercises. It hits all the areas of muscles quite hard and refines and sculpts them perfectly. However, deadlift requires a lot of strength too. It is going to be hard in the beginning, but you will gradually build your stamina. It requires a lot of power which tends to release a high amount of testosterone in the bloodstream. This is a huge perk as this muscle-building hormone is all men need to achieve a well-toned muscular body. Thus, this is one of the best exercises to choose a perfect fitness plan. 

Bench Press:

Bench press focuses on the main muscles. It helps you in working up the triceps, pectorals and anterior deltoids. The positioning of the torso on the bench makes a massive difference in stimulating your chest muscles. If you position your body with a slight arch in the lower back and hold your ribcage a bit higher, then you will be able to work up your chest well. This is an excellent exercise for building the significant muscles of your body. Also, you can quickly get done with this within some time in the gym. 

Back Squat:

Back squats are similar to the deadlift; essential! They hit all the major muscle areas and work them up efficiently. It is the king of leg muscle development. Thus, if your emphasis is on building your leg muscles, then back squats are the exercise to include in your routine. Back squats require a lot of strength and help you build stamina as well. 

Kettlebell Swing:

A lot of people confuse the kettlebell swing with squat. However, this workout is intense and requires various muscles to move together to refine the body. The kettlebell swing is a hip hinge movement which is perfect for glute development. If you can do this properly, then it will not only build your glutes but will also prove to be an excellent cardio workout as well. This will boost your muscle-building efforts amazingly. However, it is best if you learn this workout through a trainer first. If you are at a gym, then the gym in charge will undoubtedly help you. It is essential to get it right. 

Suspended Push-Ups:

Trainers praise the suspended push-ups a lot. They can develop your muscles like none other. Suspension workouts are one of the best bets to achieve a muscular body. Suspended push-ups active muscle fiber which not only develops muscles but also builds up your strength. It also brings in healthy shoulders and bones. Thus, including this exercise in your workout routine can do a lot of wonders. 

Pull Up:

Who doesn’t want big and broad shoulders? Every man who is a fitness freak and wishes to build muscles focuses on their shoulders. An extensive back and shoulder add spark to your appealing personality. You appear to be stronger. What helps you in working up the end and shoulders is the pull-up. Pull-up is a multi-joint movement that is enormous. It is one of the best workouts for muscles because it releases testosterone in the bloodstream. This means that you will gain strength and overall muscle development through this exercise. 

Swiss Ball Roll Out:

If you love challenging workouts, then this is the one for you. Swiss ball rollout is a considerable challenge to attend, but it does wonders for your muscle development goals. If you wish to get that perfect six-pack, then you cannot attain it without the swiss ball. When you roll out the ball, your abs are stretched, and tension is released in them which develops them. Ditch the crunches and add swiss ball rollout exercise in your routine for effective outcomes. It is going to provide you with lean and clean six-pack abs which are going to be nothing but jaw-dropping. 


Well, this is it! We have summed up the best and the only seven exercises men need to build muscles. You don’t have to do all of these. Just pick 2-3 and spend half an hour in the gym working on them. You don’t need to be as serious as professional bodybuilders, but you certainly need to be persistent for long-lasting results. The muscular body not only looks good but makes you feel good, stronger and prominent! Every man out there wishes to have one but not all try to work out for it. If you want to have those perfectly refined and sculpt muscles, then try these exercises and share the amazing outcomes with us.