3 Proven Ways to Improve Your Health


Do you know better health is central to your wellbeing and happiness? Everyone wants to live a long healthy life. Although it is not possible to change the pre-existing risk factors, you can make choices supporting your health to avoid chronic conditions like Type-2 diabetes, cancers, and heart diseases.

Recent research has shown that the key to good health is what healthcare experts call “lifestyle medicine” – i.e. making changes in diet, do exercise, and control your stress levels. In this article, we have put together an easy-to-manage list of health and fitness suggestions to help you achieve your health goals. Keep reading this article to get the most out of it!

1. Eat well to be healthy

A good and healthy diet helps you stay in shape. When you consume a balanced diet, you feel good and control your weight. A balanced diet likewise protects you against diseases like cancer, cardiovascular, and stroke. We recommend you to eat small portions of fish, poultry, or lean meat – at the same time, you need to avoid fatty foods to remove visible fat.

Besides, plan your meals from fruits, vegetables, and cereals – for example, cereals, bread, pasta, and rice. Choose yogurt, milk, and cottage cheese with low-fat as well as reduce the amount of fat like oil, butter, and margarine. Likewise, limit alcohol, caffeine, and salt.

2. Avoid smoking

Tobacco consumption or smoking can lead to premature death from lung and heart disease, cancer, and myocardial infarction. If you are smoking, we strongly suggest you stop it immediately.

The risk of cardiovascular diseases decreases rapidly when you stop smoking. After a few months, the risks are almost as low as if you had never smoked. Moreover, ask your healthcare provider to tell you about a method to quit smoking.

If you are not a smoker, don’t even think about starting it. You need to avoid exposing yourself to second-hand smoke that might have the same health risks as smoking. Most importantly, second-hand smoking affects people with respiratory problems such as asthma. So, you must live in a healthy environment and work to promote a smoke-free environment.

3. Incorporate exercise in your daily life

Do you want to protect your health? Do you want to achieve a healthy weight and/or get in shape? Do you to be more energetic and stress-free? Well, the simple answer to all these questions is: “incorporate physical activity in your daily life.” Physical activities help your lungs, heart, and blood vessels function better while significantly reducing your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. So, how do you incorporate exercise or physical activity in your daily life? Well, don’t use the elevator – instead, take the stairs. Walkthrough your neighborhood on the way to a shopping spree. Get off the bus or taxi a few stops earlier – this will provide you an opportunity to walk the rest of the way. Similarly, get up from your bed or chair every half hour to do some stretches and a few squats to help strengthen your muscles.