Do you want to start exercising but you don’t know how to do it? Make a schedule of every single exercise you do and also record the time of each exercise and also record the reps. Make sure that you increase some seconds and the number of reps in each exercise you do every day. When you feel some increase in timings and reps of your exercises, then you are going in the right way.


In this section, we will give you some exercises that you will do. Always remember to keep the sequence, never break the sequence because it may make you lazy or you may forget some of the exercises from the middle. And as mentioned above, make a schedule for everyday exercises and note the timings as well. These exercises are:


• Hold your body in a plank position, tighten your abs and straighten your arms.
• Now lower your body until your chest reaches about one or two inches above the ground.
• Use your elbows to get back to the above position.
• Repeat it for 10 times and do increment of 5 more reps every day


• Hold your body in plank position, but this time bend your elbows and put them on the ground.
• Straighten your body in such a way that you feel some hardness in abs.
• Stay in this position for a certain amount of time, record the time and try to break the record the next day.


• Lie down on your back, put your hand in the back of your head but do not let your hands touch the ground.
• Raise your legs in the air and bent the knee.
• Now with the help of your hand raise your head towards the front of your knee.
• Now slowly go back to the original position but do not touch the ground.
• Repeat the steps for about 20 times.


• Stand straight, widen your feet and put your hands straight in the air.
• Slowly bend your knees but don’t bend them completely.
• Make sure that only things that move are your knees.
• Slowly go back to the original position
• Repeat the process.

Everybody wants his/her body to get toned in a month but nobody does anything about it. One thing we need to understand is that miracles don’t happen anymore. It is not possible that some radioactive spiders will bite you and the next morning you will have six-pack abs. These things only happen in the movies. In real life, you need to do some hard work to get the results. The above given exercises are simple and very easy to do. Throw your laziness in the dustbin and start doing these exercises for an hour every single day and you will feel a change in less than a week.
This above text will surely help you to tone your body in a perfect possible way.