5 Easiest Self Defense Moves every Girl must Practice


Are you feeling unsafe on your way home? Getting dangerous vibes on the bus can be uncomfortable if you don’t know how to defend yourself. Being a woman in today’s society is not easy when many weirdoes are lurking around you. Thousands of women are reported as being sexual harassment victims. If these women knew the self-defense, the situation could have been different.

Here are some easy and useful self-defense moves that every woman must know to defend herself against harm. You just need to stay calm and try these moves in any dangerous situation. You will be safe.

Importance of Self-Defense for Females

In different societies, there are equal opportunities for females to learn self-defense techniques, but if you don’t want to join any academy, we have described some useful yet simple self-defense moves for women.

  • There are many benefits of learning self-defense for women like:
  • Can protect them in a dangerous situation
  • Know how to deal with stranger on-road or bus
  • Feel safe at the workplace too from male colleagues
  • Boost in self-confidence
  • Stay fit and active during normal routine tasks

1.    Straight Punch

If you feel that another person is dangerous and you need to get rid of him, you should get him out of your personal space with a simple but forceful straight punch.

Make sure that you are standing with a firm grip before punching the person. For more effective impact, try to punch at vulnerable parts of the body like nose, eyes or belly.

2.    Front Kick

Just like a straight punch, the front kick is also a really simple yet effective self-defense move for females. If aimed at a vulnerable part, the front kick can be pretty dangerous for the opponent. To apply this front kick, bend your knee while moving your hips forward and extend the leg with force. Aim the shoelace area of your foot to the attacker’s vulnerable part like eyes or face.

3.    Knee Kick

If the other person is too close to your body and you cannot apply the front kick, knee kick can be the best self-defense move for females. The application of knee kick is just like the front kick, but you hit the other person with the force of your knee, especially in the belly.

4.    Hammer Strike

If you feel that your hands are not strong enough to hurt the attacker, you can go for car keys. Women can injure their nails while attacking the opponent with nails. Hole your keys like a pencil, your hand, and if someone tries to attack you while you are alone, you can strike that person with the keys.

5.    Escape the Side Headlock

If you are ever in a situation where the attacker has locked your head with the arms, try your best to stay calm; otherwise, you might choke. Turn in to the direction of the other person so you can avoid choking.

The best strategy is to stay away from the danger and try to stay in a well-lit area while you are alone in public. If you practice these self-defense moves for females, you can eliminate the danger easily.